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ABC «Zverobuka»

An alphabet for children

Zverobuka is a magical island where letters and animals live.A fascinating,interactive app with colorful funny animals, birds and marine life that are ready to help your child to learn the English letters.

Once on our island the child learns many interesting facts about animals which makes the process of learning letters even more fascinating!
How does a bear roar?
What color is the tongue of a giraffe? And why is a shark very dangerous?

The child learns all this and more from our app!

Zverobuka- we learn letters and animals and also we fix knowledge with the help of an exciting game and a funny song!

Zverobuka- see you on this island!


You can learn the app on your own by downloading the light version for free!

You will have access to part of the sections and the first ten letters of the alphabet .To get the full version you need to make an in-app purchase and you can enjoy all the features of our app.

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